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K-12 Creative writing

Every student is different. My tailored approach will help your student with reading comprehension, communication, critical thinking, creative writing and/or essay writing. There is no textbook. I build each syllabus specifically for each student. Teaching writing rules is rarely effective for improving writing ability. My approach is to make writing relevant, creative, and low-pressure. This approach allows me to coach toward all writing goals, whether it’s discovering the student’s unique voice, being able to conquer the blank page, or just doing a little better in history class.

College Essay Prep

Pressure is high for juniors and seniors thinking about college. Writing a unique and authentic essay is a powerful tool during the admissions process. Practicing from perfunctory college essay books won’t get your student there. My college essay prep courses will expose your student to prominent essayists, novelists, and poets that will give your student the perspective, confidence and authenticity to write not only write a stand out essay, but creatively engage in this new chapter in his or her life. By the end, he or she will complete at least 1 or 2 revised and polished essays for use in their future applications.

Writing for Engineers

Understandably, engineers focus most of their time building and improving their coding and technical abilities. However, between emails, project proposals, technical reports, management reports, and ReadMEs, professional engineers can spend as much as 50% of their time writing and communicating. Using my 10 years of experience as a technical Product Manager, I have crafted a writing curriculum geared to the specific learning styles of engineers. In this course, we will cover communicating technical knowledge with non-technical colleagues, writing documentation people will actually read, and writing and revising faster so you can get back to coding. This curriculum can be applied to an individual engineer who wishes to improve his or her writing outside of work, or for engineering teams who wish to uplevel their entire organization’s productivity.

Pricing varies depending on the length and style of the engagement. I offer a free intro session that allows me to get to know you and/or your student, and define what we want to accomplish together. If you are interested in any of these services, contact me through the contact page.